Star Trek simming. A game enviroment. A chance for fun. A chance to meet people. A chance to live the adventure. This is what Star Trek simming is all about. Welcome to the SLA OPC, Star Trek simming at it's best!

      The OPC is a Star Trek sim that allows you to create a character living in the Star Trek univers. You create their background, you develop their life, and you enjoy the fun of role playing this new creations.

      The OPC is a Star Trek sim allowing you to have a great time interacting with a large and welcoming crew, each of which wants to make your experience better. The OPC sim takes place on WEdnesday night at 8:30pm EAST. The game occurs on AOL and AIM (if you do not have AOL, you can download the AIM software for free). The envrioment is fun, warm, and rewarding. We hope to see you join this wonderful game!

      The OPC is a founding member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Originally launched in 1997, the OPC has a very long history and has housed some of the SLA's finest hosts, including Dante Surak, one of the SLA's founders!

      We welcome you to join one of the SLA's oldest and most unique sims.
Be the dream! Play the adventure!