Star Trek simming. A game enviroment. A chance for fun. A chance to meet people. A chance to live the adventure. This is what Star Trek simming is all about. Welcome to the SLA OPC, Star Trek simming at it's best!

      The OPC is a Star Trek sim that allows you to create a character living in the Star Trek univers. You create their background, you develop their life, and you enjoy the fun of role playing this new creations.

      The OPC is a Star Trek sim allowing you to have a great time interacting with a large and welcoming crew, each of which wants to make your experience better. The OPC sim takes place on Wednesday night at 8:30pm EAST. The game occurs on AOL and AIM (if you do not have AOL, you can download the AIM software for free). The envrioment is fun, warm, and rewarding. We hope to see you join this wonderful game!

      The OPC is a founding member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Originally launched in 1997, the OPC has a very long history and has housed some of the SLA's finest hosts, including Dante Surak, one of the SLA's founders!

      We welcome you to join one of the SLA's oldest and most unique sims.
Be the dream! Play the adventure!

Perfection is the Dream, not the Law

While this may be the case, Outpost Cousteau is still an organization, and like any gathering of people, it requires protocols to operate as best as it could. Generally when the concept of rules come to ahead, it conjures up thoughts of limitations. Outpost Cousteau attempts to do the opposite, providing not a set a binding laws, but rather a template or base from which one can create and use a character via this medium. They are not there to limit artistic freedoms or expressions, rather they are there to ensure the quality of the sim.

The primary focus of Outpost Cousteau is and always will be exploration. Not merely exploration of the Planet on  which the OPC itself resides, but rather exploration of various issues that are present in day-to-day life. . It stands to establish a place to allow simmers to share their imagination and creativity, with a keen focus on the avenues of character growth and drama even in the midst of his action-packed live-storylines. Above I said the Planet OPC resides on. Unlike Science Station Regula One from Star Trek Wrath of Kahn or Deep Space Nine from the show of the same name Outpost Cousteau is built on the surface of the planet ZIarka IV in the Beta Quadrant. A lot of out Storylines deal with Survival.  OPC has weathered it's shares of attacks. Both from the primitive natives of the Planet the Outpost was Based on but also from threats off planet. There is also the task of not calling too much attention to ourselves from the Romulans. While Outpost Cousteau is in Federation Space it;s close enough to the Neutral Zone to be a Prime Target should the Romulans decide to invade.

The general starting point for any new simmer to Outpost Cousteau, regardless of talents presented in the creation of their bio will always be that of Ensign, promotion from which is gained by  regular attendance at sims, interactions and other such acts that indicate you've shown a prominent contribution during your beginning tenure as Ensign. While some sims require logs as part of the promotion process Outpost Cousteau simply suggests them. The more logs you write the more it will help to develop your character when the sim gets together. Those seeking to enter the sim via the ranks of the 'Enlisted' are also under these obligations in order to advance in rank.

Outpost Cousteau however, does place emphasis on ranks,but it's not the only thing. l. The emphasis also rests on the ability to interact with the stories that are devised for the amusement of the simmers of OPC and the ability to expand your character via whatever logs you can create with people. Amusement is the key here. Still it's nice to be able to move up in rank. On OPC one needs only to be on hand for eight weeks and soon after that you most likely will be made a Lieutenant j.g.Twelve more weeks later and you can begin to look forward to a Promotion to Lieutenant. From here on though a greater emphasis is placed on how much you participate while in sim. IF you show up and maybe include a line of dialouge here and there but otherwise remain quiet well you might find that 16 weeks after your promotion to Lieutenant that neither the XO or CO are willing to recommend you for promotion. But if you try and include yourself as much as possible during that time period and you might just find yourself being Promoted to 1st Lieutenant. The same goes from there in regards to the Next 20 weeks and your chances for Convincing both the XO and CO that you deserve the Ultimate Promotion to Lieutenant COmmander.

What kind of Responsibilities can you expect at various ranks. Well at Ensign you will probably carry the title of Medical, Operations, Security, Tactical, Science, or Engineering Officer. It's unlikely you will be an Assistant Chief for your department. Once you reach Lieutenant j.g. then your chances of an Assistant Chief's slot are greater but not necessarily a guarantee unless you are exceptional. Promotion to Lieutenant and above means it likely you will become the Chief of your department and Might even be chosen as the 2nd Officer.

That which makes Outpost Cousteau different from other sims of it's type is that the story is built not a clean-cut and dry script thought up solely by the XO. This is not a movie set situation merely because it is based on something created via that medium. Every character and their interactions form a part of the overall story arc, with each simmer being able to push forward their own ideas in sub-plots and as required, to create overlapping story-arcs that will fulfill the simmer's desire for writing and at the same time provide something to entertain their fellow simmers. If you have an idea, then don't hesitate to run with it if you believe it is a sound and imaginative concept. (If you want feedback on your idea, go and discuss it with the CO)

To the matter of Leave of Absence (LOA). To request and be granted LOAs, simply inform the CO or XO that you're going on LOA which will be granted for a reasonable length of time. Indefinate Absences do carry the price of a suspension of membership. Keep well in mind that the Outpost Cousteau isn't a place for stragglers, we take pride in being a sim that moves ahead, not linger.

As to the matter of age, a touchy subject regarding the OPC's classification. In reality, the world is not a kind place, and while Star Trek attempts to create a better world, it doesn't mean that everything that happens there is not unlike what happens today.  The Outpost Cousteau's' minimum age requirement is 13, 

An additional key aspect of OPC is the great freedom and flexiblity that people are granted in the concept of their characters. The imagination is truly the limit on OPC, but with freedom comes responsibility. The prominent school of thought here is realism and self-restraint. It's been shown that even aliens have problems in Star Trek. Regardless of whatever character you create, be they a standard human or your own creation, you must take your own experiences of life and use them as a basis your character.

You don't need to have seen a great deal of Star Trek to create a character, even though Outpost Cousteau itself is strongly embedded within the canon lore of Star Trek. Realism on the other hand is not a limit, the OPC caters to some characters that from a modern day perspective are 'amazing' and 'too powerful'. However, they are still people, because a good writers and a good simmer can make even the most amazing character become something that a person can relate to. Star Trek has often made extensive use of this, and OPC is truly no different.

However, there are limits. Reality is riddled with them and this ultimately comes into play when a person is writing of simming. You would only be allowed a character that is powerful if you have demonstrated that you possess the maturity to wield that character. If you don't, your chances of joining OPC are extremely thin. This is NOT to be a sim where ego dominates. The elevation of a character at the expense of another is forbidden. A particular theme of the OPC is drama, action and occassionally suspense. There is a line that is not to be crossed. Opposing one another is not the intention here, rather it is cooperation towards a storyline that all are able to enjoy.

Keep this in mind when writing your character, because a character is truly an extension of you. If your character is too powerful, then you should take some time to contemplate your own maturity and abilities as not only a simmer, but a writer.

To give you a little idea of what you can and cannot do, please observe the following stipulations:

"Super" Characters: (being that possess abilities that make it possible for them to solve virtually any problem) make the story very dull, OPC allows the characters to have somewhat 'super-human' abilities but only if they are controlled properly and their characters are in possession of self-control and maturity.. The acceptance of such characters will be regulated by the CO and XO.

"Perfect" characters: (Those who've graduated at the top of their class, never met any resistance in their lives/careers, always get their way, never get sick or injured, have been present at every major event in Star Trek history, have medals for everything, etc.) are exactly the kind of thing that are unwanted on OPC. A perfect and utopian universe is a common misconception of the Star Trek universe, if everything was perfect, then there would be a need for armed starships in this universe. Use your common sense before creating a character like this.

One question that will evident crop up in the minds of people when they see the focus of OPC is "Why not have someone from Section 31 or Starfleet Intelligence as my character?"  I admit we've had characters like this before on OPC but well WE're trying to stay away from this these kinds of characters in the future. IF found on an application Acceptance of the character would probably depend on if those aspects of the character can be removed.

"Realism" Characters should be people with realistic problems and reactions, dealing with situations that are seen in the modern world. Think of this way, are highly intelligent people or extremely powerful entities merely made that way? Take it from the viewpoint of yourself, how did you become the person you are? Surely you must have had endured problems and events that have helped to shape the person you are today. Wouldn't your character be no different? Our characters aren't "perfect", so don't try to make your character perfect. (Yet don't make them so wretched that nobody would accept them, because generally we wouldn't either.)

What Kind of Character can I play though.

IF you want to play a helmsman Outpost Cousteau would not be the place for you Though we do Provide places For Operations People. (After all a big place like this has a lot to be coordinated. Engineering (We might not have engines but we do have at least one Warp Core to provide power). Medical Officers since an Outpost this size needs good qualified doctors even for a frontier assignment. Science, well with a whole planet out there to study and explore you better have a top notch Science Team. Security Officers who while their main duty is to protect the Outpost itself might get called upon to help stop threats outside the outpost. Tactical Officers handle the Weapons the outpost is provided with to make sure that someone trying to attack the Outpost ends up so embarrassed by his losses that they think twice before messing with us again.