Simming is a game. It's part Star Trek, part role playing and all fun. Simming allows you to create a character in the Star Trek universe. You design their backstory, you choose the department they want and then you are assigned to a ship, starbase or outpost based on your personal preferences. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Star Trek universe? Have you ever wanted to live an adventure like so many of the Trek heroes you have come to know? If so then simming will be of great interest to you.

      When simming you interact with a crew of other gamers, all serving at the same Federation assignment as you. You make new friends, create and adventure in incredible stories, develop your character and come as close to being a member of Starfleet as possible. Be sure to look through our website to learn more about simming, what sims are available and what positions are available to you. Welcome aboard!