Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Worf, running the Tactical station and keeping the ship alive during a battle? Perhaps you saw yourself as Torres, keeping the ship together while others fly her apart? Maybe you even saw yourself as Archer, commanding the ship and making the decisions that keep the crew alive? If this is the case then the OPC is for you!

      The OPC is a Star Trek sim that allows you to create a character living in the Star Trek univers. You create their background, you develop their life, and you enjoy the fun of role playing this new creations.

      The SLA offers several Star Trek sims all focused on quality fun. We have 23 sims and around 255 members. You can join a sim and role play the part of a member of Starfleet, posted anywhere from an Akira class starship to an Outpost in the Beta Quadrant. The SLA is always on the lookout for new simmers and we offer exciting and entertaining games to fuel your imagination.

      Be sure to check out the new message boards at http://www.slasims.com/tenforward to discuss Star Trek, Simming, the SLA and more! You can even post your logs or read logs by the other numorous Sims in the SLA!