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Roger K Clenner Commanding Officer [CO] BIO
Ethan Mason Executive Officer [XO] BIO
Second Officer [2O] OPEN
Lei Thomas Act. Director of Sector Intelligence [INTEL] BIO
Chief Engineering Officer [CEO] OPEN
Assistant C.E. Officer [ACEO]
Karen Hart Engineering Officer [EO] PCC
Lewis Little Engineering Officer [EO] BIO
John T. K. Hunter Chief Operations Officer [COO] BIO
Assistant C.O. Officer [ACOO] OPEN
Operations Officer [OO] OPEN
Tesla Cardini Chief Science Officer [CSO] PTS
  Assistant C.S. Officer [ACSO] OPEN
Science Officer [SO] OPEN
John Norris Chief Security Officer [CSecO] BIO
Andrew Jacobs Assistant C.S. Officer [ACSecO] BIO
Jason Alex Ro Security Officer [SecO] KIA
Stacey Ross Security Officer [SecO] BIO
Ethan Mason Chief Medical Officer [CMO] BIO
Katherine Wilson  Assistant C.M. Officer [ACMO] BIO
Ian Rock Counselor [CNSR] BIO PCC
Sarah-Ann R. Morgann Nurse [NRS] BIO
Kassandra Caine Visiting Medical Officer GS
Civilian Arcturis Quisi Betazoid Ambassador BIO
Civilian Head of OPC Council OPEN
Civilian Assistant Head of OPC Council OPEN