The Dominion War ended with a great deal of changes to the Alpha Quadrant. The key powers to the quadrant were weakened and are rebuilding, but the Cardassians are in shambles. This document details the history of Starbase 27 and the Alpha Quadrant following the Dominion War.

The Dominion War ends with the Cardassian rebellion against the Dominion. Millions of Cardassians are killed and their fleet is left in shambles. The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan fleets have sustained heavy damage and begin the process of rebuilding.

The Cardassian Union struggles to rebuild their government and economy. Several previously conquered species, such as the Lorta, begin to drive the Cardassians off their planets. Some resort to terrorism even after the Cardassians retreat.

The Cardassians approach the Federation to re-establish the previous treaty between the two powers. The final treaty entitles the Federation to several systems within the previous Cardassian borders in exchange for assistance during the Cardassian's efforts to rebuild.

Starfleet takes command of Empok Nor, an abandoned Cardassian space station in a system newly acquired by the Federation and renamed the Trivas System. Captain Christiaan Back takes command of the station, renamed Starbase 27, with Commander Gabriel Wulfe assigned as executive officer. The two men had worked together for years on the USS Potemkin

The USS Excelsior-C, a Steamrunner class vessle, is assigned to the starbase as one of the support vessels.

Captain Back is re-assigned to the USS Venture, a Galaxy Class vessel, and placed on patrol assignment of the Romulan neutral zone. Gabriel Wulfe is promoted to captain and given command of Starbase 27. Doctor Sirel Divran is promoted to Acting XO, later promoted to Executive Officer.

The Lorta attack and destroy the USS Gorkon, Admiral Nechayev's flagship.

The continuous terrorist strikes by the Lorta, including a suicide bombing of the station that kills twelve Bajoran vedeks, eight Cardassians, as well as four Starfleet officers, finally push the Cardassians to their limits. The Cardassians wage war on the Lorta and vow to eliminate them from the universe.

The USS Excelsior-C is lost in battle with the Lorta and a new Intrepid Class vessel, the USS Sargossa, is assigned to the Starbase.

The Federation Council attempts to negotiate peace between the Lorta and Cardassians, but battle erputs and the Cardassians, led by the traitorous Glin Marset, attempt to destroy the Lorta leaders. Cpt. Wulfe, defying orders, uses the Sargossa to defend the damaged Lorta ship against three Cardassian warships--the USS Lionheart is sent to take Wulfe into custody.

During the confrontation, evidence is revealed that Admiral Nechayev collaborated with the Cardassians to frame the Lorta for the attack on SB27. The Lionheart helps the Sargossa defend the Lorta, thus winning the Lorta's respect and killing Marset in the process.

Nechayev is later taken into custody, the Cardassian retreat to their borders, and the Lorta ask to open dialogue with the Federation.