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      Simming is a game. This is designed to be a fun experience for all involved. The main thing to remember is to use your imagination, listen to the hosts, and have fun. Remember that you represent a person in Starfleet, but don't let that hold you back from having fun. Just remember to follow a few simple rules and to show respect for your fellow simmers.
      The main concept behind simming is fairly simple. You create a character, just as you would in many games, and you role play this character in numorous situations. You develop this character in the ways you want and you create stories tied to this character. You develop their background, their lives and everything about them. The character becomes what you want them to become. 
      Remember that simming is just a game. The character you create for this game becomes a Starfleet officer on a ship in the fleet (assigned based on your available schedule). Your host will present to you various plot lines, whether in live action or E-mail, that you will be a part of. You get to interact with other crew members and you react to the situations your character encounters.
      The main things to remember are to have fun, not be harmful to other simmer's characters and not to create a super character. Super character's make it difficult to have enjoyable sims since this character could easily resolve any problems they are faced with.

If you have any questions please contact
Captain Templar, or Commander Henry Crow.

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