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Welcome to the USS Mercutio.

We are a proud member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance sim group. The USS Mercutio meets on Monday nights at 9:30pm Eastern on AOL. Use the menu at left to explore the various aspects of our sim or to apply!
     In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the Federation faces uncertain times pervaded by a delicate peace hanging precariously from galactic rafters still damaged from a crippling war.  The Alpha Quadrant, once rich in stability and political boundaries, has become a dangerous cauldron of shifting allegiances and underground power struggles.
       The USS Mercutio, with a crew cross-trained in intelligence operations and special engagements, is Starfleet's response to the changing tide.  Produced by a merging of the ideals of Starfleet Intelligence and the Special Operations division of Starfleet Security, the Mercutio Unit serves the Federation as an elite counterintelligence and anti-threat task force.  As expected, her missions in this capacity are highly classified.
      Much of the time, the Mercutio carries the tasks and duties of a typical Starfleet vessel: routine patrols, scientific surveys, cartographical mapping, personnel and supply transport, and even limited diplomatic dialogues.  In fact, these "typical" missions are organized and ordered by official Starfleet agencies and bureaus; they are a matter of military record, and subject to judicial review or commendation.  The USS Mercutio is a Starfleet vessel, like all others--at least as far as most of the Federation is concerned.
      When the services of the Joint Operations Task Force are called upon, however, the personnel of the Mercutio Unit face very different missions, with very different consequences.  Many of those missions are difficult, and all are dangerous; the operatives must rely heavily on their intelligence, tactical, and combat training--as well as the cutting-edge technology they are expected to operate flawlessly.  Most of all, Joint Operatives must rely on their instincts, experience, mental abilities, strategic knowledge, and cunning.
      In a galaxy of espionage and interstellar intrigue, where keeping the Federation safe has become a chess match played only by the true masters, the Joint Operations Task Force has become a top-secret power piece.
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