Uniform Code of the Lionheart

It is said that Perfection is the dream, not the law. While this is true, it's not the end all and be all of what the Lionheart is about. When people think of rules, most think restriction. In the case of the Leo, this isn't true. Artistic restriction isn't what our ship is about. So, why have rules if we don't have restriction. Well, the answer is, we do have some form of restriction. Wait... didn't you say no restriction? I did, but the restriction should be within yourself. In order to be a part of the Lionheart crew, you need to be well mannered, mature, and mindful to yourself and to your fellow crew. As is said, the golden rule is applied here. "Treat others as you want to be treated."

Premise of the Sim

The USS Lionheart is an explorer, first and foremost. The ship observes the basic premise passed down from the beginnings of the Federation. The motto of "To boldly go... is what guides everyone on the ship. The sim runs as a live-action operation, which meets every Sunday at 8:00pm Eastern in an AIM room. It is also a sim that allows for the writing of logs over the Lionheart mailing list and the Ten Forward Boards. This makeup of our hybrid sim allows for a continuation of the story that goes past the live sim. And then, we get to where you start out... Most simmers will be defaulted as officers and will start with the rank of Ensign. If you choose to be enlisted, you will start out rated as a Recruit. Of course, the Captain might elect you to come in at another rank or rate. As always, it is at the Captain's discretion. Of course, ranks or rates are not the important part of this sim. How you interact with your fellow crew, your quality of logs, and attendance is very important. And of course, our sims are a bit different than the norms of most sims. There isn't a dictated role in what you should do given to you by the Commanding Officer. Each sim is shaped and molded by each simmer's individual actions.

The Important Parts

Remember the rules of "My house, my rules". This page is a broad telling of the rules passed down from the Captain and his co-Commanders. The Command Staff has the option to modify rules at will. Again, not meant to be a surprise, it's more of the realm of preparing for every possibility. This sim will also deal with any and all situations. Some serious. Others will not be serious. Whatever the case will be, this needs to be said. It is a game that occasionally has adult situations with adult problems and solutions. The Lionheart's minimum age requirement is 14. Which does come with a PG-13 rating for our sim. However, if it is shown that a simmer possesses maturity, then we will allow a simmer who is 13 to join the sim. We are a place where one can expect being on the edge of situations that may be considered gray. Storylines can include fighting, violence, death, moral issues, and corruption. Of course, while we have adult situations. We don't have over the top sexual situations. If it makes you blush to even think about it, don't. If there is something taboo, the staff holds the right to address any undesirable actions of any of the simmers. There will also be times that you will have to go on a Leave of Absence (LOA). Real life is a very real thing to have to contend with. Sometimes, you will have to work extra hours for a long period of time. Sometimes, you will need to deal with personal matters. Sometimes, you will have to deal with sickness. Life happens. All that you need to do is send a mail to the CO, his Co-host, or his XO. And please, send an email when you are expecting to return, so that the hosting staff may prepare for your return. Of course, the same emails can be used if you want to give out ideas for a possible storyline you have in mind. It can also be used for any immediate concerns you will have. The Command Staff are busy in life, also. So, please give them time to answer any concerns.


It is said that a character makes a great story. No matter if your character is a Human, a Vulcan, a Betazoid, or whichever race you use or create. You make the character great. And the Trek universe is a universe that allows regular people to become legends. However, it goes without saying. There's characters that aren't going to be allowed. It's for the sake of your experience and for the total experience of the game. The good part about the Lionheart is that it is rooted in Trek canon. Yet, it is a sim that allows for a loose interpretation of the canon. You won't have to know everything Trek. To be honest, we're not worried if you are a Trek encyclopedia. All you have to know is can your character interact with the rest of the crew? If so, then you're off to a great start. Below are sketches of some of the things to try to avoid. Of course, remember this. Ego will be left at the door. Power is a part of a character, but it's not the maker of a character. You are your character, and your character is a part of you. Always reflect that in your character. Below are some of the restrictions...

  • 'Super' Characters - While they can make a story very dull, we allow these characters to a limit. You have to show you can control this character. After that, your maturity of simming will also come into light. These characters are at the discretion of Command Staff.
  • 'Perfect' Characters - The characters that graduated at the 99th percentile. The characters that know everyone in Starfleet. The characters who know no wrong. Those characters won't make a day on the Leo. Remember this. If the Trek galaxy were perfect, there would be no need for a ship like the Lionheart.
  • Section 31 - This webmaster will save you time. NO.
  • 'Realism' Characters - Race, creed, sexuality and code. We deal with all types of people in our lifetime. The Lionheart is much the same. If you create a character, remember that it is a reflection of you. If your character is so bad that you wouldn't want to be near him/her... We probably wouldn't want to be, either. So, only limit we have on realism is that your character is likable.