General Links

Star Trek Central
The offical Star Trek site.

Ex Astris Scientia
The symposium for all things Trek.

Memory Alpha
The "canon" wiki for Star Trek, based on the shows.

Memory Beta
The wiki for Star Trek's books, comics, and games.

ST Cartography
The best known resource for Star Trek Maps on the internet.

Sister Ships

USS Potemkin: A founding member of the Stafleet Legacy Alliance. Since it's beginning, This Akira-class ship has offered the finest simming experience to all who passed through it's halls.

USS Mercutio: The Asylum of the SLA. This Akira-class is rooted deep in Starfleet's Spec Ops Division. If you feel brave and lucky, step aboard Templar's ship.

Cochrane Fleet: The Home Fleet of the Lionheart. This is the home of all Live Action Trek Sims for the SLA.