Welcome to The USS Lionheart

Nine years have passed since the end of the Dominion War.

From the ravages of war, came a harsh time of instability and rebuilding. The Age of Reconstruction as it was called had been an era marked with chaos and mayhem. The Federation, viciously maimed by the onslaught of war has spent close to a decade working to regain it's glory that had been lost.

Among it's numerous exploits on it's steady return to the day of glory, is the U.S.S Lionheart.

One of the shining triumphs of the Federation, the Sovereign-Class United Starship Lionheart is tasked with the exploration of the galaxy in accordance with the most ancient of the Federation's mandates, the mandate to seek out new worlds and new civilizations. As the Flagship of the Thirteenth Deep Space Exploration Fleet, it is the face of the powerful Admiral Ian B. Swaine. It has become the long arm of the Federation against known and unknown forces. Yet, her Captain and Crew are at heart, explorers.

Now in its sixth year, the Leo is holding strong as she can. The Crew is said to be like their mascot. A force with the heart of the Lion. Do you have the same heart to venture with them?