What is Cochrane Fleet

Cochrane Fleet is one of four fleets in the SLA. It represents the Live Action Star Trek Sims of our Alliance. Some of the oldest sims in the SLA belong to this fleet, and it is home to one of the newest sims in the SLA.

Every sim has a designated day and time they will sim. The schedule will be shown just below these paragraphs. Our fleets are headed by a Fleet Captain. The Fleet Captain for Cochrane Fleet is Commander Roger K. Clenner, Commanding Officer of Outpost Costeau. His address is to the left menu, if wish to contact him.

Also to the left are the web homes of all of the sims that are in Cochrane Fleet. As are the addresses of Commander Clenner and the SLA Council. The other links are to revelant sites of the SLA. We thank you for taking a look around our fleet.

Below here is a listing of our sims, with day and time they will meet.

Lionheart (AOL) - Sunday at 8 PM, Eastern
Mercutio (AOL) - Monday at 9:30 PM, Eastern
Starbase 27 (AOL) - Tuesday at 9 PM, Eastern
Outpost Cousteau (AOL) - Wednesday at 8:30 PM, Eastern
Potemkin (IRC) - Thursday at 10 PM, Eastern
Kentucky (AOL) - Saturday at 10:30 PM, Eastern

If Live Action simming interests you, then take a look at the top left menu to examine the web homes of each sim listed. Any questions about the fleet, please direct them to Commander Clenner. If you think you would like to join one of these sims, then click the join link and place an application.

As always, we thank you for looking around and hope this will be a fleet you are interested in.